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Sex Therapy

I have specialty training to provide sex therapy, which refers to education about and treatment of sexual health concerns while improving intimacy and satisfaction. This also includes providing care for those who are exploring gender or identify as non-binary, gender non-conforming and transgender. I am trained in a specific intervention called Sensate Focus which is useful for individuals and couples experiencing distress. 

I have experience working with the following topics:

- LGBTQIA individuals, couples and families

- Sexual interest/arousal disorders 

- Orgasmic disorders

- Erectile disorder 

- Premature/Delayed ejaculation

- Asexuality

- Gender dysphoria

-  Healing from sexual trauma/assault

- Sexual pain disorders

- Infertility

- Sexuality and aging

- Sexually Transmitted Infections 

- Alternative Sex Practices including Kink

- Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior including pornography use that causes distress. 

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